Sanem Öge (Mina)

She studied acting in Şahika Tekand Actors Acting Studio. She completed her studies on acting in Kadir Has University, Department of Film and Drama, Istanbul.
She has worked with prominent names of the theater scene in Turkey, such as  Şahika Tekand, Yeşim Gülan, Mahir Günşıray and Özen Yula.  After acting in several short films, she played in Uğur Yücel’s ‘Dragon Trap’.
She received the 'Best Actress' award in Theater Magazine's 2011 Awards with her performance in 'A Century's Love' staged by ‘Ve Diğer Şeyler Topluluğu’ (VDST Theatre Group).

Şenay Aydin (Fazi)

Şenay Aydın first gained recognition in the film “Hidden Faces”(directed by Handan İpekçi) through her role as ‘Zühre’, a young woman who escapes an honour killing.  The film brought her public acclaim as well as two ‘best newcomer’ awards.  She then played in “A Marketplace” by Ben Hopkins, which won ‘the Best Film’ award in the Antalya Film Festival and participated in international festivals such as Locarno.
She has recently played the Palestinian guerilla ‘Amina’ in the populer TV series ‘Öyle bir Geçer Zaman ki’ on the Turkish TV Channel  D.  


Ozan Bilen (Tayfun)

He began his film career as a child actor in the film ‘Don’t Let Them Shoot the Kite’ a political drama set in women’s prison. His role as ‘Barış’  a small boy growing up in prison brought him public acclaim. He then studied acting in Pera Fine Arts Academy.
He acted in the films ‘Children of Secret’, ‘Tales from Kars’ and ‘Girdap’.  His role as ‘Zagor’ in Zeki Demirkubuz’s film ‘Destiny’ was praised by filmgoers.
He recently appeared in Tolga Örnek’s ‘Labyrinth’.